"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Catching up..this past month

I have been wanting to get some chooks for quite some time now, and finally this month we were able to  install a hen-house in a corner of our yard and set up home for 4 chickens.
I am very pleased with them and happy about how they came into our possession.
We got them by old-fashioned bartering!
My hubby will be repairing the timber frame on a friend's sofa in exchange for these chickens and their coop.
Over the years he has been able to use his skills in this way to provide us with a number of things for our home.
It's the way we like best - no money - just sharing!

Our new hens give us at least 3 eggs per day which is ample for the two of us, and leaves some to give away to friends and neighbours.
Besides that, they provide us with much entertainment and company - they really are funny creatures with sweet personalities!

I think they're bound to live out a long life here;  none of us has the heart or will to turn them into a chicken dinner any time soon lol!

We are much more into pet-cuddling than culling  :-)

Speaking of cuddling - my son's girlfriend and I are cuddling up to my 94yr old mother in this photo.
She has just left today to go back home after spending the past week holidaying with us.
I  am so blessed to have such a healthy and spritely mother still with me at her advanced age!
She had a ton of fun watching the chooks and all their antics which brought back many memories of her own childhood and mine.
Her parents were country folk and always had hens, and she and my dad did the same.
I was raised with the iconic backyard chookpen and vegie patch and have hankered for my own for ages!
Now I have both at last.
I spend lots of contented moments throughout my days watching and tending to them and thanking the Lord for His provision.
This month we've taken some more small steps in simplicity - and that makes me very happy indeed!


  1. It was fun visiting you...my neighbor daughter has hens and fresh eggs are shared with me...she raised them from chicks. You are right ..they are very entertaining indeed. May you be blessed this Lords day.

  2. Oh Dear Trish, What a blessing to have had your mother visit. Just knowing that she is doing so well and enjoying these years of her life, has to be one of the greatest blessing to you and yours.

    I have always wanted chickens, but unfortunately, I do not live in the country 'per say', the little town where my cottage resides considers themselves a bit too snooty for chickens in the yard.

    Many blessings to you sweet friend!


  3. Yes, you are blessed to still have your mom with you. Enjoy each moment. :-)
    Cute hen house! They are fun to watch especially when after a bug or grasshopper.
    Blessings to you,

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful, especially those of you three ladies, and D's beloved, you are all so feminine and lovely.
    The shot of our dear hearted husbands showed how much fun they had, trying to unravel themselves from the wire..
    I am so glad you are enjoying your cluckers..
    You will miss your family now they have gone home.
    My thoughts are with you always.
    Hugs Nell

  5. Oh you are indeed blessed. Oh to still have my mom. What I wouldn't give.

  6. Oh Trish, Such beautiful photos of your family and life.
    God bless,