"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Vee's Note Card Party

My first photo is one I took last Spring when our flowering Cherry Tree
 was covered in it's beautiful pink, frilly blossoms.

This is a favourite of mine :-)
I snapped our driveway one morning as the night-fog was lifting on a beautiful blue day. 

Our Liquidambor tree in the front garden is now completely bare..
I'm glad I captured some of the softness of it's Autumn foliage before it lost all cover.  

This photo of grey lichen on a rusty old farm machine is a recent one.
I snapped it while my hubby and I visited a historic village near our town.
I am intrigued by the image of a little lichen man dangling from it's side!



  1. Very pleasant visit I'm enjoying. I could sit and listen to the music for a good while.

    Your photos are wonderful and would certainly make a lovely set of note cards.

    Hmmm, your tree has lost much of its foliage...Southern Hemisphere...Australia? I'm nosy like this. ☺

    Thank you for joining the party!

    1. Yes Vee..you guessed it!
      I'm Australian from "down under" who is in the midst of a cold winter, while you all are having your lovely summer days up north :-)
      Trish xx

  2. Very pretty! I love the shot of your morning driveway too:@)

  3. Trish,

    So much beauty!

    I love that liquidamber tree! Oh, my! And your flowering cherry!

    The music a special treat too!


  4. I've always wondered if I could capture lifting fog as you did. I love it!!!
    Such pretty photos. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How pretty...I see you left the city to move to the country...well that is a dream of mine also, after a life of city it seems to be time to slow down...it might stay a dream, but it is fun to dream

    Enjoyed your note cards

  6. Wonderful selections for Vee's party. I love the second shot and giggled at your little lichen man. Lovely all!

  7. What great choices for note cards! Love them all. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  8. what great selections. love the fence view. i'm a fan of fall so that is perfect for me. lovely. (:

  9. These are very pretty photos. I particularly like the last one of the rusty wheel. Have a beautiful day! Pamela

  10. I'm wondering the same thing as Vee -- southern hemisphere? Beautiful liquidamber tree - I'd never heard of it, but now I'd love to have one! You take lovely photographs, Trish!

  11. Beautiful photos, that would make beautiful note cards. Love the lichen on the wheel.

  12. Love your choices for note cards Trish! Fabulous...

  13. Trish,
    I agree...that driveway shot is wonderful!
    I'm wondering the same thing as Vee and Vickie!

  14. I agree, the second one is my favorite too.

  15. Really great pics, the final one also intrigues me.

  16. I love that misty scene - so peaceful and beautiful. The music on your blog is a lovely accompaniment. Your photos would make a wonderful note card assortment.

  17. I came back to tell you how much the comment you left meant to me. Thank you.

  18. I love the very last photo...so pretty! All of these are beautiful for cards! Happy summer1

  19. Hi Trish,
    I like your choice of photos.You do take lovely photos.
    Love Barb

  20. Enjoyed all of your note cards, Trish, but my favorite is the fence with the fog coming in, just so peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing.