"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Is that sunshine?!!

After lots of dreary grey days

and chilly wintery winds outdoors

it was a joy to see the sun burst into my little kitchen again this week!
Our Spring is due to arrive here in a few days time and I'm so ready to welcome it in!


  1. Hi Trish,
    We had lovely sunshine here today..almost summery. Mum's wahhing dried in a couple of hours. We watered the garden because the strong winds had dried it out. Just as Hubby was finishing the hosing...we got the most ferocious storm..
    Love your photo of the sun shining in the window.
    Have a good week
    Barb xxx

  2. Trish, I had to look and see where you're from! :D I live in the middle of America and we're on the cusp of fall here. Rain sounds so good, as we are also in the drought area here in the corn belt. Hoping for a really wet fall and winter!
    Your home and photos are lovely!

  3. I guess I would feel the same way after the winter months :) Lovely picture my friend...

  4. Spring is my favorite time of year, though I really do like all the seasons. Sun is great in any of them. : )