"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


A Morning Liturgy

Blue wrens are darting about the bushes beneath arching canes of the Banksia rose.
Buds on the peach tree are turning pink with promise.
The sun is shining warm and soothing on my back...
making today's chore of hanging out the washing a real delight!
Next door I can hear the voices of blonde-haired cherubs singing..
"Bo----b the Builder
can we fix it?
Yes we can!"
They have made a shopfront from cardboard boxes on the deck
 and are doing their best to sell their wares to their best customer!
"Mum.. would you like to buy something from our shop?"
She plays along of course, much to their relief and enjoyment.
My morning ambles peacefully along ..
a light breeze flutters about the linen and ripples through the growing grass
like the gentle touch of an angel passing by.
Life feels good today....and I am content.

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