"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Hearts for Home

I'm joining Gae again for her weekly home-loving meme, which she graciously hosts to help us focus on our tasks for the coming week.
But I have to tell you..today is so cold and grey, that it's very hard for me to move away from the warm wood-fire to do the housework!
Snow is forecast for our area of eastern Australia, and our mountain is doing it's best to beckon it right now, brrr!
So this means..I must put in real effort to get on with the job of taking care of my home :-)
My goals for the coming week will be:
1. to keep on top of the laundry - especially with this unpredictable weather.
2. spend more time reading the Word of God.
3. make sure I have the pantry stocked up with goodies for the Woodman.
4. pay the electricty bill ( I can't wait to get solar connected!).
5. pray for all my friends who are going through a rough time this week.
6. make cheesecake for tomorrow (Shavuot).

Sending blessings from my home to yours ..Trish


  1. Sounds like a wonderful week ahead! Praying it is a good one for you!

  2. Hi Trish,
    I'm on your list, #5, I need prayer that I will be obedient to the Lord, humble, and respond in love, in regard to a very serious situation that is causing division in my family.

    Now on a happier note, I love cheesecake, my favorite is Chocolate Mouse cheesecake I get at a restaurant .

    God bless you friend,

  3. Prayer is such a gift! Such a privilege!

    Wow...solar, this will really help in the summer months :-D

  4. Trish, is is very cold here in Canberra. The apparent temp at midday today was minus 2C. Tomorrow it will be even colder. Our house is centrally heated so it is very warm right now and I am glad I am safely inside away from the elements. I cant wait to go off to bed and read, which I plan to do shortly:)

    In this weather I dry my cloths on the clothes horse in the kitchen. If I do it in the evening it is almost dry by the morning. This means I do more smaller loads so I don't overload the clothes horse.

    The cheesecake sounds yummy!!, something I have tried to avoid with this diet.

    Have a lovely week and keep warm

    Blessings Jo

  5. Trish, first, I LOVE this little corner of the world. And second, I know it seems silly, but I am completely envious of your cold gray weather. I am never happier than when cozied up in my warm home. And I end up being more productive. Here in South Georgia, it's hot (think 100's plus humidity) and sunny. Sunny = pretty. Hot = me not feeling so pretty. My weekly goals this week are to get my household notebook organized FINALLY, get some tutoring in, and keep up with teh dirt that my Handsome tracks in from his fishing trips. I'm also hoping to get some mending done and cook some yummy "sequel" meals using leftovers from food we cooked last week. :)

  6. It is 100 degrees today were I live and it is going to snow today were you live !!!!
    I like very much the photo of you and your woodsman.
    I also was lead a few years ago to live a quiet and simple life.

  7. Your post is such a nice respite from our summer weather. All cozy and tight and snuggly. Have a great week.

  8. Hi Trish,
    Your "to do list" sounds like a good one; especially numbers 2 and 5. Thanks for sharing and God bless you! I'm now following this blog too.

    Hugs and blessings,

  9. Dear Trish,

    I didn't know you had another blog! It's wonderful! I love your herb bin; so clever! And tell your husband that we are proud of him, too. :)

    We're just trying to keep cool here, with temperatures in the 90s in our hot little house (But we're grateful to have a home right now!).



  10. Trish,

    Thank you for informing us that you had another blog. I had no idea. :)

    At any rate, it sounds like you have a busy week planned. I just hope that you can stay warm enough to do your chores. I know how that goes: when it's cold, I just want to stay snuggled-up against a space heater.

    This is a lovely blog. I LOVE the picture of you and your husband together. It's quite adorable. :)


    -L. Rose

  11. Hello dear heart,
    Just want to say it all looks lovely, the pictures of you and the woodman are very real, I love the list. On mine I will have to add, wishing someone special a very happy birthday this week. Oh and can we come over and share the cheesecake? Pleeease :)

  12. Dear Trish,
    As usual you inspire me to be a better wife and mother.
    It is cold here too and we are ahving trouble with the wood collection for both heat and stove. I could do with those prayers and need more time to pray and read the Bible.Sadly lacking in my days at the moment.
    I would love ot hear your notes on solar heating too, this is what I would love to do too.
    Extra prayers would be appreciated to sell this house, stress is high with it.
    I adore this blog too
    Love and blessings

  13. Very inspiring list Trish, always a blessing to visit your new blog. I have been working on a similar blog for several months and hope to have it finished soon.
    As always a joy to visit you.

  14. Sounds like a good list! :o) Wish I could come over and enjoy your fire with you :oD