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Signs of Spring

The Magpies and Pied Currawongs are getting ready for Spring.

The other day I found a dozen of them feasting in our front yard on the berries of this bush.

They have also been visiting my backyard and raiding the vegie patch for straw.

This one found a Virginia Creeper vine offcut was more to it's liking.

So it carried it up to the carport roof

and onto the garage
and flew off with it's ill-gotten gains!
The next day she was back trying to pinch the plastic framework that supports my climbing Geranium :-(
That must be some nest she's building lol!
They can be fun to observe but Currawongs are predators who will kill and eat small birds.
I don't want to encourage them around here as we have a wonderful large wren population that we dearly love and would hate to lose them to these 'brutes'!

On another note...we have peas growing in the herb box!
They have germinated from the peastraw mulch that we used to help build the box up.
I've read that these peas are not so good for human consumption as they are generally small and hard and are mainly used for stock feed.
Has anyone had experience with harvesting and eating these peas?
I'm not sure if we should try for that or just use them for extra mulch.
Any advice would be appreciated :-)

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  1. Either you are a very patient woman or very good with a camera to be able to capture a bird at various stages with a piece of straw in its mouth. :) She sounds pretty determined to me. You better keep an eye on her. :)

    I don't know much about the type of peas you are referring to in your post, but they don't sound very edible. I think you best do some more research before you and your husband try to eat them. I would hate for you both to get sick off of some mulch-like peas.

    At any rate, I'm sorry this post is so long. I enjoyed reading it, and I enjoy this blog, too. :)