"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Simple Pleasures~ Growing life

This week finds me concentrating on making some changes around our home,
 and thinking much about gardens and plantings which nurture body and soul.

I've been watching the lovely signs of an approaching Australian Spring in my garden..
 and I have to say - I can hardly wait for it's arrival this year!

Winter still seems to want to stubbornly linger on for a while in our part of the country,
and in fact rallied a blast of cold air and more light snow on our mountain this week.

Nevertheless, I see our herbs and vegie seedlings are definitely having a little growth spurt,
thanks to the slightly warmer days that have visited us recently.

The Woodman is very happy to see the lettuces and silverbeets coming on.
He is really hoping his Dutch carrots are" doing their thing" and will be sweet to eat pretty soon!

Everything is stretching up from the earth and reaching for the warm rays of the sun.
Even the peas which sprung up unannounced from the pea-straw mulch are doing a happy dance today :-) 

The promise of new life is growing plump along the branches of the peach and nectrine trees.

Soon the blossoms will appear and will be dancing their duets with the bees..
all to the tune of balmy breezes and cheery sparrowsong.
I love the "in-between-seasons" of Spring and Autumn!
Watching the cycle of the year turn in all it's glorious colours and perfumes
 invigorates my soul and gives me so much joy.
Perhaps by this time next week the Woodman's axe may finally stop to rest..
and the watering-can and hose take up the baton in it's stead  :-)
And I will be right  here smiling on the sidelines -  eagerly cheering them on, lol!

Project Simple Pleasures2
I'm joining Dayle to give thanks for the simple pleasures of the seasons and newly grown life.


  1. Wishing you a glorious spring down under.

  2. Oh how lovely, Trish! I wish I had a garden such as this.

    How did I miss that you got rid of your other blog???

    ♥ Mrs. Q

  3. Right now my garden is on hold and you know how much I love it. It is hot here along the Texas Gulf Coast and it has not rained in 38 days.

  4. Trish,
    Your blog post sounds like poetry. I love it. Someday I would love to visit Australia - I must put that on my "bucket list!" Your spring garden is delightful and sooo green. We are tending toward the drying up end of summer thing.
    Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi."


  5. I'm glad you too enjoy Spring. I love your photos, and your gentle thoughts of the goodness given to us.Blessings to you, Mave

  6. I am getting ready - unwillingly mind you - for winter. :( But seeing your Spring beginning to awaken warms my heart dear friend.


  7. Lovely simple pleasure. I'm late getting around to visiting. Thanks for your kind comment on my simple pleasure.