"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Catch-up and a Question

Wow! It's been quite some time since I last posted here!
The Woodman and I have been having fun pottering around our little patch.
We have had some successes and a few failures with our fruit and vegies.

It's all still a big learning curve for us :-)
 But we are really enjoying getting our hands dirty and seeing what grows well in our small back garden.
The peach and nectrine trees were attacked by leaf-curl, which meant we ended up having to spray them.
The dutch carrots grew beautiful lush leaves and looked so promising - but were badly  deformed and wrapped around each other.
(Hubby now realises that he planted them much too close together!)

We are now in Summer here in Australia..
 but you'd never know it with all the rain we've had recently.
This has caused the silverbeet to suddenly shoot up like it was on steriods!
 But that's ok - the chooks are loving the bits we don't use.

Speaking of chooks..
I read recently that you shouldn't wash the eggs if you can avoid it.
Is that true?
I just automatically washed our eggs and dried them before storing them away.
The debate I read was something about them not lasting as long, and spoiling because of some film being removed by washing them.
Any advice out there for a confused "wanna-be backyard chook farmer", lol! ?

These silly chickens are obviously getting to me.. big-time !!
If you knew me well, you would know that I love country-style decorating magazines.
I used to buy them regularly and have a huge collection which I still enjoy re-reading and relaxing with.
Well, last Saturday I found myself in a quandry as I stood in the newsagent looking at the magazines on offer.
I simply couldn't decide if I wanted to buy the 3-for-1 country decorating pack..
 or the lovely glossy poultry magazine that had articles on how to build the most splendiferous chook houses!!

My hubby stood in disbelief and laughed at me incredulously...
so I bought the 3-for 1.

It wasn't nearly as interesting as the chicken mag :-(

Guess I'm in love with my chooks, lol!!


  1. I must share that my farmer friends do not wash theirs either. When I get them from the farm, they still have a bit of feather on them...I don't mind, since I don't wash them when they get here either :)

    So nice to know that your garden is doing well. In the beginning, the curve is a bit daunting - but the learning becomes second nature after awhile.



    PS: truly enjoyed the chooks!

  2. Good to see you. Makes me miss my little veggie patch I would visit daily for dinner ingredients. It is all dead and scraggly right now.

  3. How cute your chickens are! That is a good question! We are actually going to try and get chickens this spring so I need to know all that I can ;o)

  4. Washing allows for air to penetrate the shell and if not used right away potential contanminants affecting the egg. Still some really need wiping off. Dry as much as possible.

  5. I must admit I never thought you would like the poultry mag. better than the decorator.. 20+years and you still surprise me.. I think I would have been laughing right along with your hubby.. apart from the fact I also have picked up a book or two on chickens myself.
    Love you heaps my friend.

  6. We have 7 hens and I don't wash my eggs, I just wipe them off good if needed. They are so sweet and can always make me smile. They are quite the comedians! lol


  7. Thanks for the advice ladies :-)
    I'll just leave well-enough alone now, and only wipe them off gently if they are too messy!

  8. Your chooks are so healthy looking, Trish, it must be all those goodies you are feeding them. I hand wipe my eggs, unless they are messy then I wash.
    It is so refreshing to come here and see all of your flowers, plants and hens.
    I too love my chickens, my love for chickens started when I was a little girl visiting my grandmother, she always had chickens and when she passed my Dad gave me her hens.