"Lord, this humble house we'd keep, sweet with play and calm with sleep. Help us so that we may give beauty to the lives we live. Let Thy bounty and Thy grace shine upon our dwelling place." E. A. Guest


Hearts for Home

Leaves are unfurling and flowers budding on the branches of trees awakening from Winter's sleep.
Life is getting busier in the backyard!
Plants are growing and the bees and butterflies are visiting more and more.
Native birds are congregating near the chookyard to feed on scattered seed ..the gleanings of the field!

Our days of longer sunlight are drawing us outside to soak in the warmth and sit quietly under the arbor.
There's work to be done.. vegies to plant out.. weeds to cull.. a path to be laid.
But there's also time to sit.
To take in the rhythm of a slower life.
Time to just.. be.
My Hearts for Home focus this week will be:
1. planning which summer vegies to plant out next
2. dealing with the leaf curl on the nectrine tree
3. remembering to keep fresh water up to the hens now that the days are warmer
4. trying to get outdoors for some much needed exercise
5. changing the bedlinens over to lighter weight sheets and covers
6. spend more time in my prayer-closet ..much to give thanks for and folks that need upholding!

Cultivating Our Hearts For Home ♥
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  1. Your garden's looking lovely,
    Your ambitions towards your home are great!
    I would love to help you out
    with number four on your list,
    for some exercise we will have to set a date.

    Our greens are starting to bolt in our garden, so we will need to join you planting some more vegies for summer too. Actually I think I need to do everything on your list.
    They say great minds think alike.
    Love you my dear friend.
    Nell xoxo

  2. To see so much re-birth is so refreshing. Here at the cottage, I put my garden to sleep and brought my herbs indoor for continued growth.

    Your header is just so lovely Trish! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by the cottage and for your heartfelt prayers.

    In His Love,


  3. Your garden is lovely and I love your hew header and blog look. So fresh and pretty.

  4. Everything looks and sounds lovely Trish, we have just finished putting our plants to bed for winter, yesterday I was able to plant some pansies. So I will have some flowers to overwinter here in the south. I am always amazed at how hey survive the cold and sometimes snow.
    Your list sounds like one I will be making in a few months.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Trish your backyard is so beautiful. I think I could sit a spell on that bench. The bird is so colorful. And the previous post with all its pink blossoms, just gorgeous! I am missing color in my backyard so perhaps some pansies that will last through the cold.

  6. What a beautiful list of heart focusing. Just as you are getting out lighter bed clothes we are adding quilts and flannel sheets. God's world is an amazing place.

  7. Beautiful bird in the second photo! Do you know what kind it is?

  8. nice post thanks for sharing...God bless you